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The new star-wars film opens this week. ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ word is that they are expecting the lowest opening weekend for a star wars film. A new record sure. but let’s not forget that it had the second highest pre-sales for an opening day in history. Coming just behind the Black Panther. Is it realistic to expect Star Wars films to continue to consistently do $1 Billion per film? One side of the argument is that in the past it was one new film every 3 years with a decade plus between trilogies. So is there some over kill going on? Probably a little. The real issue is that the general consensus is that they just haven’t been as good. It’s natural to expect an average film to be followed with the new film having lower ticket sales. It’s also not a December release. Maybe that makes more sense. The other fact to think about is that a lot of the these Marvel films have better buzz and word of mouth.

Don’t feel bad for Disney they have made back their $4 Billion investment. The question is how many people are going to check out the Star Wars park at Disneyland that opens in one year?

Galaxy Edge will open soon here is a cool update from Disney.