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Hollywood is in the business of making money.  And for years the leads of the biggest films featured white men.  As the business moved toward a global audience things became more bubble gum as evident by the success of the super hero movie.  Topics and themes that had global appeal.  Something happened in 2018.  Box office receipts dropped in 2017 and possibly something changed.  The super hero big studio hired a proven film maker who understood story.   Meet Ryan Coogler.  His past success in going through the Sun Dance Writers Lab and release of his critically acclaimed debut feature Fruitville station proved he had the tools of cinematic story telling.

The movie made for $200 Million features a modern day Atlantis but set in Africa.  It blends tribal tradition with modern technology.  The star of Black Panther is the king of the African nation of Wakanda.  His top lieutenants are females.  These women kick some serious ass.  And the king is in charge of not only a technology advanced country but a more civilized society.

The film opened with a $291,954,422 box office take.  The film is headed to not only become one of the top films of all time but it will break the $1 Billion barrier. It will clearly be in the top 10 most profitable films of all time and doing it by appealing cross culturally and not featuring white Americans.