Bronx Man Murders Former Sex Pal Teacher and 4 Year Old Love Child

Bronx Man Murders Former Sex Pal Teacher and 4 Year Old Love Child

“It’s a thin liiiiine, between love and hate”... and that’s undoubtedly the case for this next story.

A former Bronx student, infamously known for getting his teacher pregnant in 2011, confessed Tuesday to killing her and their 4-year-old child because he resented having to pay child support.

According to the New York Daily News Isaac Infante, 23, was charged with two counts of murder after he admitted to the murder of his former lover, Felicia Barahona, 36, and his son Miguel inside their Harlem apartment.

Sources say Infante, who lived in Bethlehem, Pa. told authorities he was upset that Barahona was messing things up with his new love interest and that he had “issues” with the way she was raising their son.

Barahona was found lifeless with an electrical cord wrapped around her neck in the living room of her apartment Monday morning while their son Miguel’s body was found in the bathtub.

Both bodies were discovered when the building’s super called 911 after a resident reported a foul odor coming from the apartment.

Felicia Barahona with son, Miguel Barahon

Felicia Barahona with son, Miguel Barahon

Infante and Barahona’s teacher/student love affair began on Infante’s 18th birthday and lasted for 4 months -- resulting in a pregnancy for then science teacher, Ms. Barahona.

According to a Bronx commissioner of investigation report, when asked why the couple chose not to take precautionary measures the student said it was because when he asked if he could use condoms she told him she “didn’t like” them and “not to worry.” 

When a former Coast Guard colleague spoke on the death of Barahona, the anonymous source had this to say: “It’s shocking to me. She was a very conscientious, quiet person, highly educated. She was a nice lady, private, and did her job.” 

This entire situation is just terrible. May she and her son RIP.