Must See: 2016 Made Into a Frightening Horror Movie Trailer

Must See: 2016 Made Into a Frightening Horror Movie Trailer

Well this pretty much sums up 2016 in 2 minutes…

A chilling trailer recounting some of the most pivotal moments over the course of the year is circling the web and has since gone viral – detailing quite a bit of the misfortune that has taken place since the start of 2016.

A group of geniuses at Friend Dog Studios decided to come together to produce a 2 minute clip to give viewers a taste of what the year would look like if comprised in the form of a horror movie.

And can we just say they nailed it?

The video starts showing a couple bringing in the New Year with friends at their new place of residence when shortly after moving in they begin to notice weird things taking place.

“Things just don’t feel normal,” a terrified woman says while talking to her significant other who assures her that she’s only “imagining things”. This reassurance of course happens right before ish decides to hit the fan.

Throughout the duration of the trailer recitations of the year’s most memorable and “horrific” moments unfold including the deaths of late greats: Prince, George Michael, Prince Bowie, Carrie Fisher, and even beloved gorilla, Harambe.

The film also highlights the popular mannequin challenge sparked by hip hop duo, Rae Sremmurd, as well as Samsung’s fiery failure with the Galaxy Note 7 and even has a "guest appearance" from President-Elect, Donald Trump

I must say, if this was a real movie, I would definitely go see.