Kardashians Dash Store Gets Robbed

The Kardashians can’t seem to catch a break unless however it’s a break…in.

It seems remnants of Kim Kardashian’s robbery shenanigans have decided to follow her into the New Year – and this time the bandits are coming after her sisters too…kind of.

The latest in the Kardashian robbery chronicles entails a burglary that took place at one of the Kardashians sisters’ retail stores – Dash.

According to TMZ, Law enforcement sources say the boutique, located on Melrose Ave, was hit up on Monday by a woman who allegedly entered the store and grabbed a ton of clothes, along with some perfume, before “dashing” away in a silver sedan.  

The stolen merchandise is said to have been worth around $1600 and so far the suspect is still on the loose.

One can’t help but think of this as a “one step forward, two steps backward” situation since it was just announced on Monday that 17 people in connection with Kim’s robbery had been arrested in October.


Thankfully no one was put in danger this time…