Word on Grammy Street: Rihanna Top Choice for Prince Tribute Medley

Word on Grammy Street: Rihanna Top Choice for Prince Tribute Medley

The death of a famous musician is award-show gold. Regardless of their respective networks and demographics, awards shows know that it is their chief responsibility each season to honor whatever star has fallen since their previous broadcast.

Certainly, the April 21st, 2016 death of superstar musician Prince will be no different.

A 2017 Grammys show would undoubtedly be incomplete without an adequate Prince tribute. During his lifetime, Prince surmounted a whopping 24 Grammy nominations. The superstar won a total of 7 awards out of that amount. Indeed, Prince’s history with the Grammys scales all the way back to 1985 when his album Purple Rain won the award for “Best Album of Instrumental Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Special”.

As the show’s, February 12, 2017 air-date is only a month away, the Grammys committee is courting the top acts in music to perform in Prince’s tribute medley.

So far, the top names being thrown out for the honor of recognizing Prince are Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and the Weekend.

Of course, Rihanna, 28, is no stranger to Grammy tributes. Last year, Rihanna, who has a total of 8 Grammys and 8 nominations this year, beautifully honored Lionel Richie during Grammy Weekend before having to cancel her own televised performance of “Kiss It Better” due to bronchitis. Additionally, Rihanna performed alongside her fellow Prince-tribute possibility, Bruno Mars, as they honored Bob Marley during Grammys 2013.

Bruno Mars, 31, is a seasoned-vet when it comes to both Grammys and large scale live performance. So far, Mars has won 4 Grammys of his own and performed at the Super Bowl twice.

The Weekend, 26, currently holds 2 Grammy awards and is nominated for one 2017 Grammy due to his feature on Beyonce’s Lemonade.

No matter who performs for Prince’s Grammy tribute, we are sure it will be amazing. All the names being tossed around are great ideas, but is there anyone else you would like to see added to the list?