Maryland School District Employee Fired over Correcting a Student’s Tweet

Maryland School District Employee Fired over Correcting a Student’s Tweet

We’re living in a day and age where “your” is more frequently misused with “you’re,” “their” is mistakenly replaced with “they’re” and just about every word and partial sentence under the sun has an acronym.

Truth be told, this new and conveniently used style of writing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when it comes to trying to get all your thoughts out on character limited social media networks like Twitter. But when it concerns those of us who don’t really know how to properly communicate outside of colloquial use, is it a problem? And if it is a problem do we take it upon ourselves to correct that person?

That’s what one woman did after she read and responded to a tweet that had a misspelled word -- and let’s just say things didn’t end too well for the Miss’s.

A social media manager was fired on January 13th after using the school’s twitter account to correct a student’s misspelled tweet.

On January 5th the student asked the school’s twitter handle @FCPSMaryland whether or not school would be closed “tammarow” in which 33-year-old Katie Nash replied “but then how would you learn how to spell ‘tomorrow’? :)”

After the slightly shade filled tweet was sent, Ms. Nash ended up facing an unexpected firestorm when her boss, Michael Doerrer, handed her a letter of resignation terminating her contract.

“It happened really quickly”, Nash said of the firing. “They handed me a letter and then asked for my badge and ID.”

Since her dismissal, students and twitters users have come to Nash’s defense forming hashtags #KatiefromFCPS and #freekatie in efforts to restore her job or at the least “get her placed somewhere where she’s rightfully appreciated.” A Care2 petition has also been created on behalf of the former web experience coordinator and as of Sunday is just shy of reaching its goal of 2,000 signatures.

In the midst of it all Nash continues to take things in stride and is using the recognition to send a message to her students.

“It’s important to me that they see it is how you react to a situation that really defines who you are. I am really trying to get to each one of them and say maybe it’s not fair, but life will go on, and I have a lot of opportunity ahead of me because I got a great education.”

Way to keep your head up! And with that being said, I have to ask: Should Katie have been fired for sending that tweet? Furthermore, should she even have sent it in the first place?

via New York Daily News