Dr. Phil: Celebrities & Regular People Stay in your Lane, Stop Talking Politics

Dr. Phil: Celebrities & Regular People Stay in your Lane, Stop Talking Politics

“I worry that high-profile celebrities run a risk of having an unwarranted impact on public opinion.”

Dr. Phil, host of the 15 year long running, Dr. Phil Show, has been giving both regular people and celebrities public counsel for almost two decades.

Phil, whose complete name is Phil McGraw, has decided to continue the path by divulging his thoughts on the election of Donald Trump and the subsequent backlash from famous people.

“Being talented in one area doesn’t translate into special insight or wisdom in another, such as politics,” says Dr. Phil in his recent guest column for Variety.

The revelation is interesting as our current President-Elect is a celebrity with no political background.

 Phil believes that part of America’s economic issues stem from the fact that, in his mind, too many people are receiving government assistance instead of working. Additionally, Phil projects that many people’s world and political knowledge is so limited, that they should probably stay in their own lane altogether.

He continues:

I wonder if most of us, for example, could even find Syria on a map with both hands, three days and a flashlight. I wonder how many of us could give a coherent explanation of the relationship between geopolitics and our economy. I sure can’t. Maybe we should think about staying in our “own lane.” 

Dr. Phil also speaks about the political divide in the piece. He argues that the parties (it appears he is specifically speaking to the Democratic) need to stop whining and work for the people.

Lastly, the TV host says that people need to stop fearing the incoming Administration and recognize what they have in common with it.

I wonder what would happen if all of us arguing about politics, elections and fears called ‘timeout’ and said, ‘Hey, wait a minute. We’re all Americans. We all love America. Let’s take a few minutes to talk about what we agree on, instead of judging each other and talking about what we don’t?’ Remember, it is ‘WE’ the people.

Dr. Phil’s words seem to be aimed at Meryl Streep as she just recently lamented Trump during the Golden Globes. Catch Meryl’s speech below.

Do you agree with Dr. Phil?