HBCU Band Agrees to March at Donald Trump’s Inauguration

HBCU Band Agrees to March at Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Now this screams unification and inclusion for all doesn’t it?

The marching band of Alabama’s oldest private, historically black college has accepted an invitation to perform at President-Elect Donald Trump’s inaugural parade January 20th.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee announced last Friday that the Talladega College Marching band was among 40 groups scheduled to perform in the parade.

Since news of their participation the college’s social media sites have lit up with strong debate about the band’s decision to perform  – some voicing strong opposition while others showing support…well, sort of.

One fellow alumni and class of 1974, Shirley Ferrill, said Monday hearing of the invitation was a bit “horrifying.”

“We were a bit horrified to hear of the invitation. I don't want my alma mater to give the appearance of supporting him. Ignore, decline or whatever, but please don't send our band out in our name to do that."

Another commenter, Seinya SamForay of Chicago, had this to say: “After how black people were treated at Trump's rallies, you're going to go and shuck and jive down Pennsylvania Avenue? For what?" What they did is a slap in the face to other black universities."

Alum Ron White, class of 1997, had mixed emotions surrounding the upcoming performance stating that although he questioned why band members would play he also respects the office of the president and hopes that Talladega's band does well.

Good answer. And spoken like a true "keep me out of it" politic-ker eh?

Fun Fact about Talladega College: The learning institution was founded in 1867 by former slaves who helped build its first building. 

via NY Daily News