Keke Palmer Compares Her Life to Whitney Houston

Keke Palmer Compares Her Life to Whitney Houston

If you’re looking for Keke Palmer to shy away from her newfound persona in 2017 the actress has one thing to say about it – think again.

The young star wants all to know that her recent bouts of twerking, impromptu cat walks, and super sexy fashions are not just a phase she’s going through but a representation of the woman she’s becoming.

In an open letter written to fans on Instagram, the multi-talented artist revealed new revelations she’s received since entering 2017, and expressed the importance of rejecting any unrealistic expectations society (specifically the trolls) has for her.

Keke also took time to reflect on the life of the late great Whitney Houston – explaining why she believes the societal pressures projected on the Pop Icon could’ve been the reason for her demise. 

Stepping into 2017, as I'm embarking on such new chapters in my life. New revelations arrive and you guys know, I can't help but discuss it. Observing societies opinions on my growth and my new ability and confidence to show the true nature of the culture in which I come from. I couldn't help but find myself reflecting on Whitney Houston, and analyzing the idea of how hard it must've have been for her to want to represent the reality of being a concrete rose but being forced to appear as a ready made "princess". I can imagine how broken your spirit could be, being rejected by the community in which you are from for not wanting to represent the propaganda that "you have to be fed a silver spoon to make it". That's heart breaking, it breaks my heart to see it and I know it must've broken Whitney's too. But not to fret, for her life and her strength is forever an example to me and everyone no matter what she went through. I just think society should spend a little less time putting people on pedestals and more time nurturing their own self worth. I think as a whole we have to be conscious of how our ridicule affects people, instead of just expecting them to fall from the unrealistic pedestal they were put on in the first place. I'm not ashamed of looking "ghetto", "hood", "loud" or whatever to anyone because I am so grateful to God to have the freedom of living MY truth and being a beacon to those just like me that maybe limited themselves because of their background. If I did that, if I lied about who I was, I'd be broken inside. Never let anyone do that to you! Be free, no matter what. Because if you hold back, you will never forgive yourself. Thank you Whitney, for being a concretes rose, for rising from the darkness yet still representing the light. Thankful to know, somewhat, your story. 🙏🏾 #outsidelookingin #reflection #Godslessons

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I guess if you can't beat her, join her. Meanwhile, come through with the encouragement Keeks!