#BlackGirlTragic: Fox News Fires Clueless Actress Stacey Dash

#BlackGirlTragic: Fox News Fires Clueless Actress Stacey Dash

For the past couple of years, actress Stacey Dash has been a source of major controversy. Dash, 50, serves as the most prolific black-female face of the Republican Party and endures consistent backlash because of her political views.

The actress recently endorsed Donald Trump, lambasted the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and attacked feminism and woman’s rights.

Dash’s polarizing opinions led her to being hired by Fox News as a television correspondent in 2014. Dash, 50, was primarily seen on the news discussion program “Outnumbered.”

Well, her time is up now!

Fox News chose not to renew Dash’s contract for their upcoming cycle.

It is surprising that Dash was not renewed as she was one of the primary African American voices in the network employed.

 We wonder if Dash’s feels used by the network as a gimmick to garner the attention of black audiences.