Jhene Aiko's Interview at The Breakfast Club: New Music, Big Sean, Etc.

Jhene Aiko's Interview at The Breakfast Club: New Music, Big Sean, Etc.

Jhene Aiko stopped by The Breakfast Club studio yesterday. She talked about her new song “Maniac,” and her album with Big Sean, Twenty88. She also was asked about her divorce from Dot Da Genius, and her family etc.

 Her single “Maniac” is the beginning of a new project. She wants to express herself to her fans through her music. When asked about the upcoming project, she responded with: “This year I just really want to show every side of me and dive into who I am, which I really feel like I’ve been doing since I first started. But obviously I’m getting older and I feel like I’m more in tune with myself and less afraid to express every side of myself.”


In a previous interview with Billboard, she was asked the question: “Would you consider yourself a maniac?” Jhene responded with: “I think I definitely have maniac tendencies, especially when I’m alone in my head, there’s a lot of stuff that goes on.”


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 Twenty88 released on April 1, 2016. When asked about the album, she said: “Sean wrote most of those songs. It’s really hard for me to work to like, work with another writer because, I’ll just be like ‘Either you can just write the song’ or I’ll be like, ‘That’s not something I feel like I connect to.’ But I really trusted his songwriting.”


Jhene also shared that there’s more coming from their Twenty88 collaboration. Big Sean also confirmed that the second album is dropping in 2017.

 Sean tweeted the big announcement: "Thank you the next @twenty88 album is coming next year," Sean wrote on Twitter. "We gon get our solo's off too though! #Dons #Soulmates #88."


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Luckily, we can expect new music from both Jhene Aiko and Big Sean this year!