Cha Ching!: Barack Obama Set To Make $20 Million Off Of Memoir

Cha Ching!: Barack Obama Set To Make $20 Million Off Of Memoir

When your life is so interesting that people make it rain just to get a taste of that Presidential tea…

Barack Obama could stand to rake in around $20 million or more for his Memoir if predictions made by co-head of ICM Partners’ publishing, Esther Newberg, are true.

And just why would anybody in their right mind be willing to pay the former Prez that amount of guap? According to Presidential historian, Julian Zelizer, the answer is simple – Obama has the ability to fascinate.

“There’s a broader fascination with Obama, from conservatives who really hate him as well as liberals who deeply admire what he did.”

The pay day would be the highest any President has ever made, substantially passing George W. Bush who received $7 million for his 2010 book Decision Points and Bill Clinton who currently holds the record for most paid President, getting a whopping $15 million for his 2001 memoir My Life.

Barack isn’t the only one expected to cash in the coins for the Obama household – Newberg also predicts Michelle will easily surpass Hilary Clinton’s $8 million check she got in 2000 for her memoir.


And THAT ladies and gents is how you collectively get the mulah.

via The Hollywood Reporter