#ANTiVERSARY: It's a Shame 'ANTi' Was Snubbed for an AOTY Nod

#ANTiVERSARY: It's a Shame 'ANTi' Was Snubbed for an AOTY Nod

On this day a year ago, Rihanna released her 8th studio album, 'ANTi'. For all of it's accolades and accomplishments, something still seems very underrated about it (if we're basing our observation on the industry and not the general public).

For all intents and purposes, the general public has spoken. '25' and 'ANTi' were the only albums released by female artists to spend multiple weeks at #1 on the Billboards this year.

She's also the only artist in 2016 to have both her album and lead single go #1 at the same time.


'ANTi' is the most streamed album by a female in 2016, bringing in more than 1.7 BILLION streams on multiple streaming platforms.

Her lead single 'WORK' also sat pretty at #1 on the Billboards for 9 weeks.

In addition to all of that, the 2-time Grammy nominated song became the most streamed song by a female....ever, it was the only song in 2016 to go #1 on iTunes in 91 countries, and was the best selling song by any female artist in 2016. Drake and Rihanna also served a cherry on top with their steamy visual for it.

'Needed me', her bad ass anti-fuckboy feminist Grammy nominated anthem, was also a hit.

It was the longest charting song of 2016 and the most streamed song EVER on Spotify.

Arguably the greatest song of 2016, 'Kiss It Better' is also another Grammy nominated single by RiRi.

As for 'Love on the Brain', we talked about it's slay yesterday, there's still no word on if there will be a video for it or not. She should definitely release a visual, seeing as how her other 3 videos are all Vevo certified.

And while 'ANTi' was undoubtedly SNUBBED for an Album of the Year nod, it was nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Recording Packaging, which both should be easy wins if based on content.

The slay wasn't done there.

All of her singles + her bonus track went platinum.

And probably the biggest feat for Rihanna in all of her accomplishments throughout music, fashion, and now film is having complete creative control over 'ANTi' under her own label, Westbury Rd.

All of these accomplishments and an album that's musically better than every single album nominated for AOTY, RiRi was still snubbed. This is equivalent to the Grammy's snubbing Kanye for 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. It's hard to argue that Rihanna is underrated, given these numbers, but in so many ways she is.

A bunch of favoritism, sabotage and obvious cunt-riding ruined 2016 musically, but men lie, women lie, numbers and the general population don't.