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Has Beyoncé Been Dropping Hints of Her Twin Pregnancy for Months?!

April MuldrewComment
Has Beyoncé Been Dropping Hints of Her Twin Pregnancy for Months?!

World Stop – Beyoncé is pregnant with twins!! – Carry on…

Today marked a day of beautiful beginnings: The kick off to Black History month, the first sighting of a Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake reunion, and arguably most importantly (according to the beyhive) Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement of her and hubby Jay Z expecting twins!

As soon as news broke of the soon to be special deliveries an image of Queen Bey, adorned in a mint green veil surrounded by a plethora of flowers, immediately went viral sending fans and Bey haters alike into a social media frenzy with tons of reposts and congratulatory messages.

Although this recent baby news has been a shock and breath of fresh air for most of us (considering recent Trump headlines) one can’t help but wonder, has Bey been sending us hints of her dual pregnancy all along?

Let’s take a look shall we?

When walking down beyhive memory lane we seem to find quite a few images that could possibly play as subtle hints the Queen was dropping to her “true” fans concerning her second pregnancy.

Case in point, the multiple images of Beyoncé throwing up the deuces.  Some would naturally associate this simple hand gesture as a salute to peace, but we all know how Bey loves to communicate through codes on her Instagram. If this is the case, she could’ve very well been sending out “I’m preggers!” messages to all of her fans.

Truth of the matter is, although we love to be crazy in love with the singer’s life as well as over analyze any strategically vague announcement she makes, We. Will. Never. Know.

But what we do know is that Beyoncé now joins the list of Celeb Moms who have beautiful twin children including Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, former model Kim Porter (Diddy’s baby's mother), and actress Zoe Zaldana. Congrats Bey!

Oh, and for your laughing pleasure...