#DamageControl: CoverGirl’s First Male Model Makes 'Anti-Africa' Statement – CoverGirl Responds

#DamageControl: CoverGirl’s First Male Model Makes 'Anti-Africa' Statement – CoverGirl Responds

James Charles, the first male ambassador for one of the makeup industry’s largest brands, CoverGirl, has found himself in the midst of a social media firestorm after posting an “Anti-Africa” tweet regarding his fear of catching Ebola.

Seeing as though the World Health Organization declared Africa clear of Ebola in January, 2016, his comments didn’t sit too well with some of his Twitter followers.

One would charge the insensitive remarks to being an ill-informed loose mouthed teenager but after commenters tried bringing Charles to the light, the 17-year-old makeup artist continued to be on the defense and completely avoided taking responsibility.

The entanglement began to snowball after Twitter users began to @ CoverGirl’s account which prompted the brand to release a statement almost immediately.

In the end, Charles seemed to have come back to his senses and apologized for his misguided behavior.

I presume the fear of losing those CoverGirl coins may have had something to do with it too but hey, who knows. You live and you learn, young lads. You live and you learn.

via Affinity Magazine