#HurtBae: Two Exes Confront Each Other About Cheating

#HurtBae: Two Exes Confront Each Other About Cheating

Fuckboyism is real and most of us have been through it, right?

Kourtney and Leonard are no different. The two young adults met at college in Atlanta, and according to the video, Kourtney wasn't feeling Leonard at first, but the two eventually reconnected after his persistence, and after moving into the same apartment complex.

Throughout the video she continues to ask him questions on his infidelity while he lacks any remorse or reaction at all. He can't even remember how many people he cheated on her with because he completely lost count. 

What struck me the most personally, is the nonchalant demeanor of it all. It's really disturbing how men indiscriminately hurt women, feel zero remorse, and then blame women for their own actions. That's not normal. The way she kept so calm is what broke my heart. She's still in love with him and that's so clear and that's really sad to see. When there's no remorse from someone that hurt you, that's the worst.

In the video he literally looked her dead in her face with no emotion and watched her cry. Beware of these type of demons. He let a good one go and he's too foolish to even realize. He capitalized on her vulnerability and emotionally abused her. One day he'll cry oceans.

In the video the ex couple also reveals that she walked in on him with another girl and he put her out. She was left in her room crying all night. We all cope with things differently, but walking out is not how I think I would've reacted.

It's hard to access just how much damage Leonard realizes he caused, but one day things will come full circle for him and he will be slapped in the face with reality.

The attitude of entitlement and treating people like they're disposable is all too common now. According to one of Leonard's friends on Twitter, he's in a very committed relationship of 3 months now.