Will You Buy for Your Kids?: The First Transgender Doll is Hitting the Market

Will You Buy for Your Kids?: The First Transgender Doll is Hitting the Market

As gender research expands, the entertainment and consumer world must adjust to it.

In recent years, America has seen the blossoming of transgender actors, actresses, television shows, movies, models, and musicians. Now the push towards trans rights and representation is going to the toy market.

The Tonner Doll Company, which specializes in adult collectibles and high-fashion dolls, is releasing a Jazz Jennings doll that was designed and sculpted by the founder of the company, Robert Tonner. However, the toy is being targeted towards children and not collectors.

The doll is based on Jazz Jennings, a 16 year old transgender teen who is documented as being the youngest trans person of record.

Jazz's fame has led her to being broadcast on television by Oprah, Babara Walters, and even having her own television show on TLC. 

The doll will come with a pink shirt and jean shorts, mirroring the outfit that Jazz wears on the cover of her memoir, "Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen." It will also have a fluffy dress look. It debuted at the New York Toy Fair over the weekend. The dolls will be available for purchase in July.

Jazz and her parents said she began gravitating to "girl things" at an early age and insisting she had the wrong genitalia. At home, she wore dresses but in public she wore pants to maintain a "gender neutral appearance."

That all changed at her fifth birthday party, when she wore a one-piece bathing suit and told her friends she was a girl, her parents told ABC.

Posting the doll on her own instagram, Jazz wrote:

For those asking: The doll is considered to be the first 'transgender' doll because it's based on an individual who is trans. Of course it is still just a regular girl doll because that's exactly what I am: a regular girl!