This Man Was Catfished for Eight Years by a Woman Who Refused to Skype With the Lights On

This Man Was Catfished for Eight Years by a Woman Who Refused to Skype With the Lights On

Believe it or not, people are still getting catfished in 2017.

With apps and services like FaceTime, Skype, and Snapchat, it’s hard to imagine someone could be lured into a fake relationship online. Now it’s understandable how someone could be fooled for a day, maybe even a week, with communication solely through DMs or text messages; however, if you’ve been led on by a catfish for nearly a decade …  well, you only have yourself to blame.

On this week’s episode of MTV’s Catfish, viewers were introduced to a man named Alante, who developed an eight-year relationship with a woman named Nevaeh—at least, a woman who he thought was named Nevaeh.

Here’s how it all started: Alante was introduced to Nevaeh in 2009, when she sent him a Facebook friend request. From that day forward, their connection became stronger and stronger, as Alante opened up to Neveah about his personal life and even confided in her after his father passed away. Though one part of him was a catching feelings, another part was growing suspicious.

Apparently, Nevaeh had canceled on multiple in-person meetings with Alante, and would sometimes disappear for months. Furthermore, whenever the two would Skype, Nevaeh insisted the lights be shut off. If that doesn’t scream “catfish,” we don’t know what does.

Alante eventually connected with Catfish hosts Nev and Max, who were able to communicate with “Nevaeh” through a woman named Seiairah; however, she wasn’t the catfish. Seiairah made a phone and set up a meeting between Neveah and Alante at park. When Alante, Nev, and Max approached the mystery girl, it was discovered she was actually Alante’s godsister, Ericka. Crazy.

Ericka explained she had used Nevaeh to feel good about herself. She claimed she invented Nevaeh and made her everything she wasn’t.

“I've been told, 'You're pretty for a dark-skinned girl. You're pretty to be kind of chunky.' But Nevaeh's confident. She's pretty. She's light. She models,” Ericka explained. “It wasn't necessarily about [Alante]—it was the inner issues that I needed to work on."

Alante reacted like any other man who was led on for eight years. He was upset and declared the friendship over. But his anger didn’t last that long.

About five months later, Nev and Max reached out to Alante and Ericka for an update. And guess what? They seemed to be better than ever.

"I'm not the type of guy to be mad at someone forever," he explained. It didn't hurt that Alante had recently lost his father, and Ericka provided comfort. "When my Pops passed, I needed a shoulder, and she was always there."

You have to hand it to him. It takes a very strong and understanding person to forgive a lie like that. Alante better hope Ericka doesn’t pull another fast one on him.