New Documentary ‘Strange Fruit’ Suggests Police Withheld Critical Video Footage Concerning Case of Michael Brown

New Documentary ‘Strange Fruit’ Suggests Police Withheld Critical Video Footage Concerning Case of Michael Brown

What’s the saying? Whatever is done in the dark always comes to light?…

Right about now this couldn’t be truer, as it relates to the popular shooting death case of 18-year-old Michael Brown, a black teenager who was inhumanely shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri by white Police Officer, Darren Wilson, on August, 2014.

Two and a half years later it seems the spirit of the slain teen is still working to clear his name as well as give an alternate take on what may have really happened that day between him and the store clerk he was shown pushing just moments before his death on security footage released by the Ferguson Police Department.

In a new documentary, titled ‘Strange Fruit,’ creator Jason Pullock features a previously unreported video that challenges the narrative of the initial footage, painting a picture of Brown being an overbearing thief, who just wants to leave the store without paying for a box of cigarillos.

The newer tape shows Brown entering the same store, Ferguson Market and Liquor, just after 1 a.m. on the day of his death. Once in he approaches the counter, and hands over what appears to be a small bag of marijuana to the clerks. After the exchange each employee takes turns sniffing the bag before handing him a box of cigarillos in return. Brown is then shown making an exit towards the door before deciding to turn around to have the clerk hold the bag for him until he comes back. 

The next day Mike is shown returning at 11:50am, with his hands politely behind his back waiting to retrieve his belongings.

Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, who was shocked to find out the video even existed says she believes there was an understanding between the store clerks and Michael, and that a relationship was already there.

“I was surprised to hear that 2 years later there was a video. What you’re going to see on this video is what they didn’t show us happened that clarifies that there was an understanding...There was some type of exchange for one thing for another. That these people know each other well enough that this is the relationship they have.”

When speaking on the new footage, Pullock, who spent more than two years in Ferguson conducting research, believes it was hidden to tarnish the character of Michael Brown and help aid in the decision to not charge Officer Wilson.

“They destroyed Michael’s character with the tape, and they didn’t show us what actually happened. So this shows their intention to make him look bad, and shows the suppression of evidence.”

Although the tape was never administered to the public for viewing the St. Louis County Police Department did make a brief note of Brown’s early-morning visit to the store in a lengthy report, which tipped Mr. Pollock off to the existence of an additional video.

Sgt. Shawn McGuire, a spokesman for the county police, said in an email on Saturday that footage of the earlier encounter had not been released because it was not relevant to the investigation, and added later that he could not confirm the video’s authenticity.

Mr. Brown’s parents have filed a federal lawsuit against Officer Wilson, the city of Ferguson and the former Ferguson police chief. A civil trial is scheduled to start next year.

Here’s to an ongoing motion for justice to be served SMH.

via New York Times