I Suspect My Boyfriend Is On The DL. Am I Tripping?

I Suspect My Boyfriend Is On The DL. Am I Tripping?

I’ve met a seemingly great guy a little over three months ago, and we’ve been in a relationship for nearly three weeks. He’s in the Navy as a medic, and he owns his own home and seems to have a pretty stable life. This was attractive to me because I saw maturity and a sense of security especially since he’s so young. He’s only 24 and I’m 25 years old, and he’s great.

He takes me out. He bought me an expensive birthday gift and other gifts on the side. He doesn’t pressure me about sex, and he is comfortable about waiting six months for our first time. In fact, I was secretly thinking that 4 months would be long enough.

But, one day we were on the subject and he said he would imagine a girl of my caliber making him wait 6 months. I haven’t had sex in a year and a half, and the last guy was my ex of 6 years. So, I don’t care about waiting that long. It did kind of strike me as weird that he was willing to wait that long. On top of all that, he’s attentive, caring, and even makes me laugh.

Initially, he asked me to be his girlfriend on our second date and I thought that was weird. But, that’s not the weirdest thing about him. One night, we were drinking moonshine (that stuff is 100 proof) and got f’d up!  He drank way more than me and he even popped a Xanax. So, I took this opportunity to test his sexuality. It’s important for me to be confident in my partner’s sexuality and to know that he only wants women!

But, anyways, I started playing with his a** to get a reaction, but his reaction wasn’t what I wanted. He actually let me play with it! I was rubbing his cheeks, making them clap, even pretending that my finger was going to go in his a**hole. He just stayed back and kind of laughed it off. He barely resisted, if he resisted at all. He was smoking a cigarette and set it down, and at one point he even adjusted himself for me to have better access to his crack!

I was alarmed and also not in my right mind completely, so I decided to give up for the night. When I woke up at his place the next morning it was all that I could think about! I couldn’t shake it! That morning I put this theory of playing with his a** to the test again. He was on his computer and was stretched out on his stomach. So, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to play with his a** while he was sober.

So, I pulled down his pants and smacked it, rubbed it, and even put my finger in his crack! (I needed a serious reaction at this point) He did nothing!!! I even put my finger to his nose and he said it smelled like booty, like it didn’t even phase him! So, I decided to have a serious conversation with him about what took place that night.

I asked him if was he bisexual, and did he like foreign objects in his a**, or did he prefer to be penetrated by a male? Then, he asked me was I really questioning his “manhood,” and I responded with, “Did you really let me play with your a** crack?”

I did try to give him the benefit of the doubt since he was f’d up on drugs, but now he was sober! So, I continued to ask him and he wouldn’t give me straight answer at first. He eventually said he wasn’t gay or bisexual. I asked him why he let me do all of those things to his butt, and he said because he knew I was going to do it anyways even if he didn’t like it. I told him that if he was bisexual or gay that it was okay, and that I needed to know. He continued to say he wasn’t either.

I’m not going to lie, I continued to do my research. So, I went on the prowl for gay adult movies in his phone and laptop internet history and didn’t see any, but straight adult rated movies. He admitted to watching adult rated movies 3-4 a week (I think it’s more), but even with that I’m uncomfortable with because of how I was raised (I’m not saying I’m a saint. It’s just something that stuck with me). Is my too-good-to-be-true dude gay? I know you’ll give it to me straight and that’s all I’m asking for! – Is My Good Dude Gay