Snoop Dogg Fataly Shoots the Clown Donald Trump, Marco Rubio Reacts

Snoop Dogg Fataly Shoots the Clown Donald Trump, Marco Rubio Reacts

Freedom of expression seems to be completely limited when it comes to Hip Hop. While movies by directors like Quentin Tarrantino can portray violence, sexual promiscuity, and rapid use of the N-word and receive Oscar nominations, Hip Hop has long been devalued and dehumanized for those same aspects. So why is Hip Hop's art limited? Or is Hip Hop not art at all?

Snoop Dogg, 45, is the newest pawn in the "Is Hip Hop Art?" discussion after his Anti-Trump music video "Lavender" is receiving a lot of backlash.

In the video, Snoop Dogg takes a literal shot at an orange-face man made up to look like Trump. 

Snoop Dogg takes a fake gun to a caricature of Donald Trump and shoots him in a music video. The rapper goes in hard on the prez in the vid for "Lavender" ... depicting him as nothing but a clown who deserves to be chained up and assassinated ... or at least scared into thinking he'll be killed.

Former 2016 Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio has major issues with the video.

TMZ caught up with Marco Rubio at Reagan National Airport, and he was vehemently against Snoop's music video ... and the imagery of Snoop aiming a gun at the prez. He says disagreeing with policy is one thing, but worries Snoop is now crossing into a dangerous area -- where he's potentially giving twisted people very wrong ideas.