Yikes!!: Mother of Two Nearly Dies After Playing Dodgeball from a Flesh Eating Bug

Yikes!!: Mother of Two Nearly Dies After Playing Dodgeball from a Flesh Eating Bug

What in the horror movie turned real life catastrophe is this?!

A young mother of two almost lost her life to a flesh eating bug she caught after playing a friendly game of dodgeball last August.

35-year-old Lesley Kane was hit while playing the sport with a few of her friends and ended up with a small graze on the left side of her chest from the ball. The mark was so small that Kane barely even noticed and thought nothing of it until she fell ill just days later. After being rushed to the hospital doctors gave a 12-hour window for her life to be saved.

Recounting the story Kane said, “I was having flu symptoms but thought I could sleep them off. Just a few days later I was in hospital fighting for my life.”

She continued:

“The doctors tried to establish what was wrong with me. They knew it was blood poisoning but they didn't know what was causing it. After various tests and scans, they realized that I had contracted that bacteria. I think they worked out that the only place where there was an injury was a mark to my chest. It was bruised but there was no obvious injury. I am assuming they knew there was a graze there. It was so small that I hadn't noticed it. When I think about it, it was my flesh rotting. I was being killed by a flesh-eating bug. My body was shutting down at this point. The doctors said there was a 12-hour window and that if they did not operate I was going to die.”

What came next was a series of grueling and intense operations which would lead to an uphill battle of recovery consisting of two months in medical care and physical therapy centered on Kane relearning basic day to day activities such as walking, riding, and brushing her teeth.

Describing the details of her surgery Kane said:

“They operated on me before midnight. They removed part of my chest, they cut a T-shape from shoulder to shoulder and then removed my left breast, part of my torso and my side down to my hip. My husband said I had four operations over 24 hours to remove the bacteria.”

Since the accident, and returning back to Scotland, Kane says she now feels 100% back in the right mind frame to deal with the horrors of what happened, but still has a long road ahead in terms of improving her physical appearance.

“I'm still not quite there. I feel my mind is 100% on it but my body just can't keep up with me. I'm getting there. I've returned to fitness and my physio and I'm trying to build my strength up but it's a long journey and I have years of surgeries ahead to reconstruct and improve my scars.”

Lesley's friends have launched a fundraiser to help her with recovery, hospital fees, physio, and reconstruction options.

Whew, lawd! Prayers for a successful recovery, strength to her and her family and friends!

 And a note to all future and existing dodgeball players: Please make SURE your balls are clean! Your dodge balls that is.

via Daily Mail