ANTM'S Bello Sanchez Says He Was Raped in Paris, French Police Didn't Care

ANTM'S Bello Sanchez Says He Was Raped in Paris, French Police Didn't Care

One of the most horrifying circumstances that can be thrust upon an American is being involved in a crime investigation while abroad. Around the world, crimes are handled very differently and sometimes not at all depending on the city and country one is in at the time.

America's Next Top Model contestant, Bello Sanchez, 28, unfortunately may be experiencing that very situation at the moment. 

According to Sanchez, who moved to LA from Boston at 19 to pursue modelling but ended on Skid Row homeless, he was the victim of rape while in Paris.

Sanchez states that on January 30 he was at the Le Rouge Nightclub in the city when he was raped by a man in the bathroom.

Bello claims police conducted an incomplete rape testing immediately after the assault, and didn't get a proper rape kit until an advocacy group stepped in ... 72 hours later.

Bello hopes that coming forward about the event will help raise awareness about the mishandling by foreign authorities. He believes that his gender, race, and sexuality are part of the reason why French authorities were neglitient. 

Bello has been having a very hard time already lately as in October 2015 he fell asleep at the wheel after leaving a show and was nearly killed in the resulting accident, which left him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and temporary amnesia.

Catch a clip of Bello on ANTM below.