Professor Who Predicted Trump Presidency, Now Predicts his Impeachment

Professor Who Predicted Trump Presidency, Now Predicts his Impeachment

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Months later, the presidential election and inauguration of Donald Trump is still a shocker to most of us. Within the time span of a year, Donald Trump went from being a political commentator with no political experience and a questionable moral compass to the leader of America. Whew.

Allan Lichtman, a professor at American University, was not as shocked as he predicted Trump's rise back in 2016 and the last nine presidential elections altogether.  Yes, thirty years of correct predictions, which he bases on his 13 Keys to the White House. 

Now, let's be clear, Lichtman does not look to polls, demographics, or his own political opinions but pays attention to the patterns of history. And you know what they say about History . . . it repeats itself.

Now, in a new interview with GQ, Lichtman is talking about how he predicts Trump's impeachment and he's providing evidence.

'I believe he is more vulnerable than any other president in the history of the nation,' Lichtman said as he laid out his thoughts in a new book, 'The Case for Impeachment.' 

Lichtman states that he did a sturn study of the two U.S. presidents that have been impeached (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton) along with Richard Nixon who resigned before the House could impeach him.

A study of the process of impeachment; a study of Trump's vulnerabilities, particularly those that have arisen over the course of his business career; and a look at the early weeks of his tenure in the White House. 

Looking at Nixon, Lichtman said the parallels between the late president and the current occupant are 'quite chilling.'

"Trump is very thin-skinned and considers the media to be his enemy. He believes in being on the attack at all times, and in the important of getting even with people," Lichtman said. "He has a penchant for lying and for deflecting controversy instead of meeting it head-on."

"Finally, like Nixon, Trump seems bereft of any guiding principles, other than doing what is best for himself," the professor continued. "This lack of guiding principles, for a president, is very dangerous."

Lichtman suggests there are a number of reasons why Trump could be impeached including his ever looming Russian Scandal, questionable business ties, or something yet to come.

Additionally, Lichtman highlights that a Pence Presidency with a Paul Ryan vice-presidency may be the ideal Republican dream-team.