Tiny On T.I.’s Infidelity: How Can A Man “Stay Normal And Just Faithful” When Women Constantly Throw It At Him?

Tiny On T.I.’s Infidelity: How Can A Man “Stay Normal And Just Faithful” When Women Constantly Throw It At Him?

Tiny, we were all rooting for you!

The possibly soon-to-be-ex-wife of T.I. appeared on Essence’s Yes, Girl! podcast this week and didn’t hesitate to speak on the rapper’s latest comments about them being “best friends” and marriage being a “distraction.” Here are the high (or low) lights:

Tiny On How She and T.I. Are Still ‘Best Friends’

“We still talk all the time. We’re still together all the time. I don’t know… it’s a crazy thing. But, we definitely had it out about that. On the show you’ll see more about it.”

Tiny On T.I.’s Now Infamous ‘Distraction’ Comments from the Angie Interview

“That’s a cop out, pretty much. Like you’re too old for that. A distraction?! Boy, you’ve been married for seven years going on now, and you’ve been in this relationship for 15 years now. Okay?”

Tiny On How Women Treated Him When They Were Together

“It’s crazy because they don’t really care. Women today they don’t really care that it’s just for a night. So how can a man…they keep throwing it and keep throwing it. Like, how are they supposed to stay normal and just faithful when this is going on all day, all night? It’s a lot.”

So a random woman is more responsible for the fidelity of another woman’s husband than he is?

I get Tiny’s point about how disappointing it is when women don’t respect someone else’s marriage; however that whole “it’s just for a night” mindset is also what keeps a man from being “normal and just faithful.” That “one night” (which clearly has happened multiple nights) is one night when your husband made a choice. His pleasure that one night was more important than his vows or any respect he had for you, so those sexual trysts can’t be downplayed. It is T.I. who has repeatedly been willing to risk it all for “one night.” And a man who was concerned about honoring his marriage wouldn’t repeatedly put himself in a position to have other women “throwing it” at him. Normal is going home at night and avoiding temptation as much as possible, even if you have a wife who’s willing to look the other way.

Listen to Tiny’s full interview with the editors of Essence below.