USF Football Player Charged with Sexual Assault For The Second Time In a Row

USF Football Player Charged with Sexual Assault For The Second Time In a Row

A University of South Florida football player arrested for sexual assault on May 1 turned himself into authorities Wednesday for get this...additional sexual assault charges.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, 22-year-old LaDarrius Jackson was charged for the second time in a row with sexual battery and false imprisonment, after a Hillsborough County woman reported that he assaulted her.

Jackson was suspended from the football team after his first arrest of sexual battery and false imprisonment of another USF student earlier this month and was given the boot completely Wednesday following his second assault. The more recent charges stem from an attack that occurred at a woman’s Hillsborough County home on March 27, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman told detectives she was in her bathroom when Jackson asked her to shower with him. Once she refused and attempted to leave the bathroom, Jackson blocked the door with his 6-foot-4, 248-pound frame, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Jackson then grabbed her, forcefully removed her clothing against her will and committed sexual battery, authorities said.

Once the gruesome event was over Jackson then forced the woman to drive to a nearby pharmacy to purchase an emergency contraceptive, which he ordered her to take in front of him (because ya know, pregnancy is wrong but raping is right?) and then made her drive him back to his on-campus housing.

Jackson’s first arrest report was eerily similar, in terms of holding someone against their will, and involved a female victim who told police he pushed her into her room as “she attempted to prevent him by placing her hands on the walls” before she was assaulted.

She said he then pushed her head toward his groin as she “verbally and physically told him no,” and that Jackson “pushed her on the bed, straddled her, rocked himself back and forth until he ejaculated on her chest.”

Unfortunately what we know to be true in most of these types of cases is that Jackson and the victim were acquainted, according to the USF police department.

In a string of statements released to the press Bulls coach Charlie Strong said, “While we find the allegations troubling, we will continue to gather information and support the judicial process before providing further comment."

The former defensive end was booked on a $9,500 bond on Wednesday and was released the same day.