Mother Dies Saving Daughter's Life from Oncoming Car on Mother's Day

Mother Dies Saving Daughter's Life from Oncoming Car on Mother's Day

As much as Americans love the concept of Holidays, we rarely think about the fact that they may not be equally as positive experiences for everyone. If you have ever lost a family member on a day that happen's to fall on a Holiday that statement may resonate with you. Indeed, over 150,000 people die daily around the world and that even includes the days that are most special to us.

A family in Long Island knows this all too well after their Matriarch died on Mother's day this weekend while heroically pushing her daughter out of the way of an uncontrollably reversing car.

Diane Aluska, 55 year old mother of three, died after making the split decision to shove her 16 year old daughter hard enough out of the way of a reversing vehicle.

“There is no doubt she saved her daughter’s life,” Suffolk County police Detective Sergeant James Murphy told the New York Post.

The  two had attended Mass earlier in the day and the mother was struck while they were leaving a bakery afterwards.

The driver is 80 year old Ann Riolo.. 

“She had thought that she had put it in drive,” Mr James Murphy told reporters.

“She left it in reverse, hit the gas, started speeding backwards, lost control, and jumped the sidewalk.”

Aluska put her hand on her daughter’s shoulder to try and get her out of the way, and Jenna avoided the worst impact of the crash.

The car clipped the 16-year-old, but killed her mother.

After hitting the women, Riolo then crashed the car into the local fire department building.

“At the last second you could see the mother kind of throw the daughter out of the way and sacrifice herself to try and save her own daughter so that was pretty heartfelt,” witness Joe Biggs told CBS.

Jenna’s father, Kenneth Aluska, told The Post that he and his son would have to inform Jenna during a hospital visit that her mother had died.

Ms Riolo was treated for minor injuries at the same hospital. It is not clear whether criminal charges will be brought.

Her car, a Toyota Corolla, has been impounded to carry out a safety test.

“This appears to be non-criminal, a tragic accident,” Mr Murphy said.

“We are taking the car in to investigate, but it appears to be non-criminal.”