Florida Teacher Gets Caught On Video Kissing Students In Exchange For Candy

Florida Teacher Gets Caught On Video Kissing Students In Exchange For Candy

So much for the age old saying to not take candy from strangers. Now you can't even take it from teachers...

A disturbing video released Tuesday shows a Florida teacher trading candy for kisses inside his elementary school classroom.

According to the NY Daily News, 28-year-old teacher Brian Kornbluth was caught on surveillance sitting at his desk as a 10-year-old male student walked over, put his arm around his neck and started kissing him on the lips – and it was apparently in exchange for a few sweet treats.

The incident took place inside an empty classroom at Somerset Academy in Boca Raton last February, before school started for the day, police said in a Feb. 16 statement announcing the teacher’s arrest.

Reports of Kornbluth's odd behavior had been brought to light prior with a different teacher telling the school’s principal that Kornbluth made “unusual requests” to have certain students moved to his class. Since the school already had a video surveillance system in place, the principal immediately had the camera in Kornbluth’s room repositioned so it faced his desk, cops said.

After viewing the video that led to Kornbluth’s arrest, the school notified detectives who then interviewed the child and his sister.

When the sister was interviewed she allegedly told investigators that Kornbluth also kissed her on the lips while she was at the school the previous year. She reportedly said he lured kids to his classroom by handing out gummy bears.

Kornbluth pleaded guilty to simple battery in the case last week. He was sentenced to a year of probation and must undergo a mental health evaluation. He also must stay away from the student and is no longer teaching at the school.

But what about staying away from the other students too?...