No Thanks Don: Warriors Expected to Skip White House Visit as NBA Champs

Not so surprise-surprise…

The Golden State Warriors will not be accepting an invitation to Donald Trump’s White House after last night’s championship victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers according to CNBC's Josh Brown. The decision is said to have been a unanimous one making the NBA Champs the first team expected to flat-out reject an invitation to the White House.  

In recent past, Warriors coach Steve Kerr has been among the most vocal sports figures against the administration's policies, alongside the team’s star player, Steph Curry, who wasn’t shy in telling the people what kind of “asset” Trump is to the country.

When Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank called Trump an "asset" earlier this year, UA athlete Curry said, "I agree with that description, if you remove the 'et.'"

Kerr’s thoughts towards Trump have held the same sentiments and would make a visit to the White House a very interesting one.

"My personal opinion is Bobby Knight's way smarter than Donald Trump. Bobby Knight was brilliant in a lot of ways. So there was some real foundation in terms of knowing and coaching the game. But he was a bully, so I think being a bully doesn't work today, or at least it doesn't work coaching. The modern coach has to be much more communicative, flexible, aware, conscientious, all those things.

Frankly, I think it's why Trump couldn't be more ill-suited to be President, because he's a blowhard. You don't see some of the qualities you talk about, the resilience, the ability to communicate, the compassion – none of that. But in the old days, a lot of great coaches who maybe didn't have those, there was still a fiber there, whatever it was. To be a great leader, there has to be some qualities in there. Has anyone ever thought that Donald Trump was a great leader?"

In April, more than two dozen Patriots players did not attend the ceremony, which were among the most popular events during President Barack Obama's administration.

via NY Daily News