Elderly “Bonnie and Clyde” Bank Robbers Busted after Manhattan Heist Ending Nearly Two Year Crime Spree

Elderly “Bonnie and Clyde” Bank Robbers Busted after Manhattan Heist Ending Nearly Two Year Crime Spree

All I need in this life of sin...

An elderly Bonnie n Clyde team was recently busted after robbing a Manhattan bank, ending their nearly two-year crime spree, police said Wednesday.

Phyllis Jackson, 71, and 60-year-old Benjie Richmond's less than grandiose bank robberies netted out to $11,334 which was used to pay rent and supplement their public assistance income, police said.

"Doing a bank robbery is never a good way to make money,” said Lt. John Rogan of the FBI-NYPD Joint Violent Crimes Task Force. “The risk outweighs the reward.”

The spree started with an attempted robbery in Greenwich Village on Sept. 25, 2015, and ended Tuesday evening, when they were arrested in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, near their home, about three hours after they robbed $1,685 from two tellers at another Village bank, Capitol One on Sixth Ave.

Their infamous routine consisted of Jackson approaching a teller, pretending to make a legitimate transaction, at which point Richmond would then slip a threatening note to the teller with the message "Give me all the money. I have a gun. You will get hurt.”

Once police had identified the suspects and raided their home they said an inoperable gun was recovered during the arrest.

The couple was also hit with federal bank robbery charges. Richmond was responsible for seven robberies and an attempted robbery, and his girlfriend was linked to three of the robberies, authorities said, though police suspect she was at the scene of each incident.

They were released on $50,000 bond each. Their lawyers didn’t respond to a request for comment.

So...if they accumulated around $11k in robberies over the course of 2 years that would mean they risked their lives AND their freedom for only $15 dollars a day? Talk about working harder not smarter...

via NY Daily News